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Our committment to eye care ensures that all our patients receive the highest levels of patient service and satisfaction on every visit. As a new or existing customer to our practice we want to extend this service to you by offering a free aftercare service.
Bring your glasses to us for a free frame service.

Free repair services

  • Tightened screws.
  • Adjusted frame for facial symmetry.
  • Adjusted nose pads.
  • Adjusted sides.

For a small fee

  • Changed nose pads.
  • Changed temple tips.
  • Ultrasonically cleaned.

A few tips for looking after your lenses / spectacles

  • When you aren’t wearing your spectacles, keep them in their case.
  • Always treat your spectacles with care and never leave them face down or near strong heat.

Cleaning Lenses

  • Gently wash your lenses under warm water using a little soap.
  • Dry your lenses with a clean lens cleaning cloth.
  • Avoid using excessive pressure with your thumb when drying your lenses.

Keena Rakkado can supply a cleaning cloth and cleaning solution which have been specially designed for reflection-free lenses.