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To complement your eyewear purchase, Keena Rakkado has a wide range of helpful and stylish accessories. Below are just some of the exciting accessory products we have available;

Ready Readers

  1. Ready Readers are an ideal accompaniment to your tailored prescription eyewear.
  2. Our multi-pack allows you the convenience of having more than one pair of reading glasses where and when you need them most. The Ready Readers have simple magnifying lenses, they do not correct sight abnormalities such as short sight, astigmatism or differences between your eyes.
  3. Not suitable for use when driving, or for anyone under 16 years of age.

Lens Cloths – Microfibre

    Cloth is suitable for use on all types of spectacle lenses including multi-coated lenses. The high density construction of the micro-thin fibers far exceed any conventional cloths and enable grease and moisture to be absorbed and removed from any lens surface.

Lens Wipes

  1. Cleans, polishes all types of lenses.
  2. Not suitable for contact lenses.
  3. Anti-static, quick drying and smear free.

Elastic sports band

  1. For glasses and sunglasses.
  2. For sports, work, leisure.
  3. One size fits all.
  4. Washable.
  5. Adjustable.

Cushioned nose pads

  1. Adhesive back for easy application.
  2. Soft cushion comfort prevents nose irritation.
  3. Stops frames from slipping.

3-in-1 metal screwdriver

  1. For glasses and sunglasses.
  2. Regular and Phillips blades.
  3. 2 spare locking screws to eliminate loosening and back-out.

Dualies – two holders in one

  1. For glasses and sunglasses.
  2. Wear it as a sports band or as a standard cord.